Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Blind Post

Blinds Items Found today...Guesses?
Which fatphobic supermodel paid for her PR rep's liposuction as a "present"? - Gatecrasher
Janice Dickinson? Kate Moss?
At a certain party this weekend, everyone thought bf/gf would pair off. The tabs said that gf paired off with another guy not her bf but they were also wrong. Turns out gf had her eyes set on the rich guy in the corner who she thought would be just right. She gave it her very best effort, but was turned down not because she did anything wrong, but because the rich guy in the corner wanted her bf. The gf thought that would be fun and made the proposition to her bf. He freaked out and she was pissed off. No one ended up with anyone. Which really might not be a bad thing. - Crazy Days & Nights
Paris Hilton, James Blunt, Josh Henderson? - eewww



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