Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Right Cast" = No Drunkst

Toby Maguire says he may be up for a 4th Spider-Man, of course with a lot of "ifs" - coz you know he doesn't want to ever have to work with Drunkst again. I mean I can actuall feel the loathing coming from this picture. Toby says:

“They’ll definitely develop a fourth movie,” Maguire said, “and write a
screenplay and I would consider it if there’s a good script, a good story
that I felt was worth telling and [director] Sam Raimi was involved and the
right cast came together for it.”

You know what he means. I would actually be very interested in watching a 4th Spider-Man if it included the "right cast" - no Mary Jane and Will Ferrell as a grown-up Spidey. He always makes me laugh in tight costumes!


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