Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Blind Post

Blinds Items Found today...Guesses?

Which married bad-boy Oscar winner has a bit on the side with an early-20s NYC Latina beauty, said to resemble Beyonce? - Gatecrasher

Sean Penn (movie Bad Boys)?

So this A list film actor is currently filming on location. Did I mention he is married? So our actor has two trailers on the set. One of them is the "public" trailer, which his wife and friends of his wife get to see when they visit. The other trailer is not so public. The other trailer is basically porn central. From the PC full of porn to the DVDs, this actor definitely has a thing for it. No, I'm not going to say something like gay porn. It's straight porn. Umm, there is one thing, though. He likes porn stars to come visit so he can feel like he is a porn star. They reenact some of his favorite scenes in which the visiting porn actress starred. It certainly makes his days much more interesting than everyone else's on set. - Crazy Days...

hmmm....Sean Penn? Can he be both?



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