Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What Not to Wear - According to Crazy Mom

Katie, Suri and Tom's mother, Mary, leave one of Tom's kid's sporting events in March

One of Katie's "friends" is claiming that the brain-washee is starting to resent the controlling nature of Tom and his mother, who lives with them along with his sister and who-knows-what-other Scientology freaks assigned to mind their newly appointed "Christ".
Katie Holmes' friends say he's "meddling . . . controlling . . . won't let her out of his sight." Say she also suffers "a critical mother-in-law" who's around 24/7, monitors her clothes with "Isn't that too revealing for a wife and mother?," watches what she feeds Suri, checks Katie's own sweet tooth, saying nobody loves a fat wife, and reports all to Peeping Tom. They supposedly "beg her to break it off with Tom."
Wonder if these are the "friends" she was trying to get in contact with during the short time she was alone beginning filming of Mad Money in Louisiana? Can you imagine having to live with your Scientology Mother-In-Law? What a nightmare. Look at her. She even looks judgmental in sunglasses. And quite alien-like, funnily enough!

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